The CASA-project is a partnership among three International bodies:

  1. Tigray Health Bureau (THB), Tigray, Ethiopia
  2. Mekelle University (MU), Tigray, Ethiopia
  3. Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), Rome, Italy

The THB is the public structure competent for planning and management of health needs at regional level. The THB is the main Ethiopian institution of reference for the CASA project, having full ownership of the project.

The MU is located in Mekelle, the largest city in Tigrai. It was born in 2000 as an independent institution of high educational level. The MU provides its prestige and health care skills to support the project. Moreover, the University guarantees the availability of human resources as well as a work-space dedicated to the project.

The ISS is the technical scientific body of the National Health Service in Italy. The ISS is a public institution that combines research, training, institutional and consulting activities as well. The ISS works to protect the health of all Italian people and it is also active leader in the global health initiatives. ISS coordinates the CASA project and supports it providing both human and financial resources.

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